Joe Brunner, Chief Executive Officer

Joe Brunner, CCIE #19366, designs real-time networks and hosted market access systems. Joe's expertise includes building complex systems using clustering, load-balancing and cloud platforms for trading and financial networks.

Joe founded Affirmed Systems having worked at The New York Board of Trade (NYBOT) and ICE Futures US. His current focus is on building secure applications that harness distributed low latency cloud architectures to analyze large volumes of real-time data and make decisions that impact financial trading, market risk and public safety.

Chinyere Uba, Chief Operating Officer

Chinyere insures strategic vision and completeness throughout our services, solutions and products. During her leadership at Affirmed Systems, Chinyere has helped us keep an eye on the big picture and taught the group about corporate responsibility and investment. Chinyere attended the University of Benin, Nigeria, where she received a BS in Eng. Computer & Electronics engineering.

Chinyere's interests include developing the managed services model of tomorrow. She is leading our change of the services industry from the reactive, break/fix responder to the proactive serivce provider that uses real-time detection and monitoring to avoid service outages.

Bill Mungen, Senior Vice President, Hosting and Managed Services

Bill Mungen is a 20 Year Veteran of the Services and Operations field. He has been instrumental in creating well-managed datacenter and service offerings. Bill manages customer integration, service delivery and on-going deployment of our datacenter Hosting platforms and Managed Services. Bill's technology achievements include designing and implementing the Microsoft Active Directory infrastructure for a 15,000 user organization. He has lead technology deployment teams at several leading financial and educational institutions in the New York Area.

Bill's interests include data storage management, system performance monitoring, and technology simplification. He takes great pride in insuring customer success occurs at every level from projects and support to providing effective service delivery.

Tom Djurdjevich, Director of Project Management

Tom Djurdjevich has over 15 years of enterprise IT experience working at noteable Law Firms and in the financial trading industry. He currently manages projects, business development, and finance at Affirmed Systems.

Tom's interests include international trade, currency markets and alternative investments with a focus on low latency execution and trade management.