Private Cloud

Introducing the Affirmed Systems Private Cloud offering!

Our Cloud is designed for Ultra-low latency services, using both bare metal servers and vmware vsphere, 10-25Gbps Networking and Infiband wire-speed storage. We also integrate solutions for disaster recovery, alternate facility redundancy and managed services right into our cloud. Our cutomers include trading firms, banks and financial exchanges

Our Private cloud solution delivers proven performance for the total trading infrastructure solution!

Private Cloud Solutions

Data Backup and Recovery

Protect all your Data

Affirmed Systems provides datacenter and cloud backup solutions for all your data. Never again lose data or customers due to data loss and downtime. Our team works around the clock to protect against all types of data loss!

We specialize in Disaster Recovery at the Application, Server, Database Server and Entire Datacenter Level!

Data Backup and Recovery

Ultra-low Latency Design Solutions

How can we guarantee our network has the lowest possible latency?

Affirmed Systems has been desiging networks and systems for Low Latency since 2001. We understand the key factors from distance, to software design strategy to market connectivity that play a role in the final outcome of your platform.
There are many proven products that work to create a ultra-low latency network that can harness the speed to today's market exchanges and liquidity venues - we will help you review and adopt solutions we have used before in real live trading systems.

Ultra-Low Latency Design

Solutions Showcase

Ultra-Low Latency Infrastructures
Optimized from tick to trade

How team has engineered systems, networks and entire datacenters for low latency trading firms and financial exchanges. From managing market data feeds, to optimizing Trading Exchange and customer extranet access.

Ultra-Low Latency
How to Chose an MSP
Managed Services Provider

Our MSP service Affirmed Care, will lower your cost of ownership, empower your mobile workforce and make seemless IT services part of your company.

How to Choose an MSP
Real-time Systems
Boost efficiency and speed to execute

Our Low Latency Systems and software integration team designs wire speed performance for trading platforms, biosciences and modeling clusters. C, C++, Java, Python, Oracle, SQL Server 2016.

Real-time Systems
MSP Solutions
The Future of IT

The Future of IT is Managed Services. As a leading Managed Sevices Provider, Affirmed Systms is your trusted partner, CIO, and resource you can count on. We work very closely with our clients to insure they have all the systems in place to work smarter than their competitors, reduce operating costs, and maximize their infrastructure investments.

MSP Central