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Make your Cloud a Castle.

Affirmed Systems designs, builds and hosts high availability public and private cloud systems. Using state of the art devops and automation our team works around the clock to insure your firm's success.

Our expertise includes devops, infrastructure as code, tooling and automation. Our product is a real-time managed infrastructure that delivers while reducing costs. Other cloud providers simply outsource their "cloud" to large hosting firms that do not know your business and have not built your specific requirements into their support platform. Affirmed Systems builds dedicated non-stop infrastructures and insures your success.

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Ultra Low-Latency market access
Exchange colocated connectivity

Does your firm need direct low-latency access to different exchanges and liquidity venues? Affirmed Systems provides hosted platforms that allow the fastest connections to dark pools, exchanges, Alternative Trading Systems (ATS), and order routing venues. Our team works with the leading fiber route providers to help our customers design trading models that take advantage of being centrally connected.

Ultra Low-Lantecy Access

Ultra-low Latency design dervices
Insure your performance

We work with customers to conceptualize the ideal ultra-low latency environment for their business. From Network to Server technology to software access to trading venues - our Ultra-Low Latency Certification program identifies and removes variability risks from latency sensitive environments. Our team has built and re-designed different customer systems for the lowest possible latency and removed bottlenecks between trading systems and the markets.

Ultra-Low Lantency design

Real-time systems
"Wire-speed" performance

How do you know your systems, data and overall performance meet or exceed the competition? How do you know your storage, cloud and virtualization systems are configured for "Wire-Speed", necessary to excel in your markets? Affirmed Systems takes a in-depth look at the configuration of your entire environment and enhances end to end performance.

Real-time systems

Managed Services

Affirmed Assurance

Does your company need a reliable technology team that is dedicated to your company's specific requirements? You found us! The Affirmed Systems Managed Services Team develops high availability support and technology service plans unique to the needs of your company. Connectivty to a specific exchange. Specific backup and data avalability policies. Many of our customers count on our "no excuses" approach to technology management. From Kernel development to driver level settings - Affirmed Systems understands and deliver true performance.

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