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How to choose a MSP: Industry Focus

Choose a MSP that specializes in solutions for your industry

Our industry focus is on financial services, healthcare, power and utilites, and communications and media

Financial services Affirmed Systems has years of experience designing and building banking, trading, market data, public exchange, and hedge fund systems and networks. Our Managed Services have delivered results for traders, investment banks and public exchanges. We help clients comply with regulations and compliance requirements unique to the financial services industry. We specialize in solutions for high performance trading and market data delivery networks. Our Network Engineering group has designed the network infrastructure at several notable financial service firms.

Healthcare   From managing patient records, to simplifing the claims process, to maintaining HIPAA compliance, our solutions for healtcare make sense. We assist medical professionals with practice management software that takes the IT stress out of delivering lifesaving care. We understand the information processing and records handling requirements of insurance companies. Our paperless office initiatives have assisted in HIPAA compliance and patient privacy laws.

Power and Utilities   Managed Services that help secure and manage critical industries such as power plant, gas and electrical companies, and telephone providers. Our expertise has delivered solutions such as compliance, oversight and documentation for critical systems and networks that millions rely on every day.

Communications and Media   Tight deadlines, 24 hour coverage and constantly changing events. Sound familiar? That's something communications and media and our managed IT services have in common. We work around the clock, like you do to deliver services that make your company more effective, more efficient and give you a competitive advantage in the marketplace. We'll make sure day or night your systems and network are performing. Period.

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Choose industry focus

  • Leverage our strong industry focus

  • Understand challenges and solutions specific to your industry

  • Keep up with best practices and industry technology trends

  • Gain insight and advantages

  • Reduce time and effort to deliver service

  • Avoid mistakes and redundancy

  • Maintain parity with wide accepted practices

About industry focus

Affirmed Systems's industry focus allows us to delivery services with increased efficiency and knowledge of issues unique to our covered industries. While we provide service to all industries, our Corporate culture and experience in centered in the industries we focus on.

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