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Required Reading for Public Cloud, Private Cloud, Security and Performance

Here we'll look at some of the issues facing Low Latency Cloud Hosting for financial trading. The topics include hosted Low Latency Networks, Linux Network Stack Optimization, Python, Java, C++ and Kernel optimization. You'll get a first hand look at how our clients connect to the markets, reduce latency and optimize with the CLOUD ASSURE™ platform.

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Our Partners

Microsoft Azure is Enterprise Cloud

Amazon AWS is the Big Data and Automation Cloud

The World's most valueable data is stored on Oracle Database and Clouds

Cisco powers our edge, wan and remote network

Arista networks powers our Core Low Latency Datacenter Networks

Solareflare, Onload and AOE technology powers our network adapters and feed platforms
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Affirmed Systems Community

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Authored by and Participated in by the CLOUD ASSURE™ hosting architects and engineers, the Affirmed Systems Facebook page provides tips, insight, and understanding key to high performance low latency cloud. Topics include current deployment related technologies, research, technical documentation and insight into one of the low latency based clouds in the world.
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Giving back Technology Know-how

Affirmed Systems offers training to tomorrow's sharpest minds. The Affirmed Mentor program was launched in 2008. Our program provides training and mentor-ship to University Students and Professional entry level staff. From working along side our Engineers to rolling up their sleeves during live deployments, we help get other's involved in Low Latency Technologies for cloud, high performance computing (HPC), Low Latency Financial Networks.

Did You Know?

Affirmed Systems donates technology help towards good causes!

Affirmed Systems offers Network Design and Engineering for hardware, software and IT services. We will work Non-profit and Charitable causes such as Disabled Persons, Children's, Vision Impaired and Homeless groups to provide solutions that make a difference. If your Non-profit or Charitable group needs help with an IT Project call us and let's make a difference together!

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