How to Choose a MSP
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How to Choose a MSP: How to Choose overview

Choose a MSP that will deliver on the Managed IT Service promise

Make sure your MSP means business!   Lower service costs, with higher service quality? Sound Impossible? Nope. That's managed IT Services. How is it possible? Maximized efficiency. Honest fixed billing processes mean MSP's bet experience over client downtime. That's right. An MSP is paid for your results, not your downtime. In fact the MSP will do everything possible to make sure you are never down. That's the MSP business model. All for a low fixed monthly price.

What does your MSP offering cover   Our fixed price Managed IT Services include workstations and server hardware and support, Microsoft applications, services and operating systems. That's about 90% of what most businesses use on a day to day basis. We'll keep all those essential systems and applications running for you. If you need custom applications installed or supported we'll work out a reasonable rate to add those costs to your montly service plan.

What makes a MSP my best option?   A MSP service plan is 1/3 monitoring, 1/3 maintenance, 1/3 support and on-site service delivery. We created an automated, intelligent service that is always working to monitor how your systems are running, performing system maintenance and when necessary it notifies dedicated engineers who then fix and prevent outages before they happen. That's our company today, using top notch monitoring systems and alert methods we make sure our customers Invest in Uptime.

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Choose a MSP overview

  • We mean business. We stand behind our services and our customers

  • Our goal is to prevent downtime

  • Affirmed Systems leads the industry in expertise, service offerings and coverage levels

  • Our business model is fair pricing and honest practices

  • We monitor our service quality and coverage to insure excellence

  • Embrace the future of IT today - Support services as an "always on" system

  • On the phone, on at your office. Coverage where you need it, when you need it!

About How to Choose Overview

Affirmed Systems is a Managed IT Service Provider. We develop methods and procedures, deploy superior monitoring systems and manage the success of your technology environment. Our goal is to make technology easier for your company, preventing IT issues by being proactive.

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