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Affirmed Assurance Managed Services: Workstation Assurance

Fixed cost IT Support and Proactive maintenance.

Wouldn't it be great if for a fixed monthly cost you were assured your workstations are always working in top condition, ready for business?

We deliver solutions not surprises!    Fast, great professional IT support around the clock, with the fixed prices business clients need in today's times. Our Workstation Assurance program covers hardware, operating systems, Microsoft Office and other "Core" business applications.

Guaranteed performance    Workstation assurance means your computer is always working in top condition. We guarantee it. How is this possible? We utilize tools that monitor the health and performance of your workstations and report back to our Managed Services Operations Center. From patching, to protecting against viruses and spyware, we keep your systems running. Period. Our engineers monitor the performance and health of your Company's workstations around the clock .

Assure your systems works in top condition!    Do I have enough ram to run my programs? Is my Computer working properly? Don't guess. Assure IT! Workstation Assurance makes IT support practical and proactive. From excellent service via our IT Help Desk, to fast on-site support if you have an immediate need, its all covered in one smart, affordable price. How can we do this? Its simple. Our goal is to properly manage and therefore prevent downtime. Working with your hardware vendor, we'll develop smart solutions to make sure your systems run worry free. Invest in uptime.


  • Fixed monthly cost

  • Includes Hardware support

  • Includes on-going maintenance

  • 24 x 7 performance monitoring

  • All plans include on-site service calls

  • Advanced package Includes 4 hour on-site

  • Basic package Includes Next Business day on-site

About Workstation Assurance

Affirmed Systems provides Workstation Assurance to business customers where service available. Coverage includes Hardware for systems under manufacturer's warranty, Windows Operating Systems or Red Hat Linux, Microsoft Office Software, and core microsoft office applications.

Support of additional applications not included in fixed monthly prices.

Please forward all service related questions to our sales team.
Sales Team