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Trading Solutions: Ultra-Low Latency Infrastructures

Trade with speed and expertise!

Exchange hosted datacenter clients choose Affirmed Systems

Come in first   Trade on the edge of the Market. Get in front and stay there. That's where our expertise can bring you. From managing market data feeds, to optimizing Exchange and provider access, find the liquidity and fills your firm needs to increase your trading strategy's effectiveness. Affirmed Systems builds and manages infrastructures using cutting edge solutions from Arista, Cisco, Intel, IBM, Dell, HP and other key partners.

The World's Markets at 10Gpbs and Beyond   Don't chase liquidity. Move when your markets move, not when your competitors do. Our Financial Services Trading Team is comprised of market evangelists, that live and breathe high performance networking. Our clients count on our innovation, engineering excellence and clarity of focus. We are already looking at what is on the horizon, and buliding new innovations in to real world solutions that are available today.

Choose a Partner that delivers   Affirmed Systems researches, tests and designs solutions that bridge the gap between your performance and the market. We seek advantages that take into account time, distance, feed mechanics, optical wavelenghts, network operating systems and many other latency influencing factors. Engineering that brings trades to the front is now at your fingertips. Know when events occur first, and adjust your strategy for market conditions- reducing risk and surprises.


  • Know where the Market is moving first

  • Maintain Algorithmic Integrity

  • Stay fast and accurate

  • Monitor stability over time

  • Reduce risk factors and jitter

  • Increase the value of your trading infrastructure

  • Anticipate market events

About Ultra-Low Latency Infrastructures

Affirmed Systems designs and builds Ultra-Low Latency Infrastructures using leading technology vendors through engineering solutions crafted by our Financial Services Trading Team.

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