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Trading Solutions: Ultra-Low Latency Design

Choose proven designs when speed counts

End-to-end low latency strategy

Experience counts   Affirmed Systems has designed networks and systems for Low Latency in many different environments. We are focused on all the key factors - from distances to liquidity venues, to software design strategy, to hardware decisions that play a role in the final outcome of your platform. We will thoroughly review all hardware and software as well as connectivity options available and devise ways to streamline performance, lowering end to end latency and eliminate varible delays.

Low Latency is not an "arms race".   Low Latency trading is here to stay. It's not a race becuase all firms are not perusing the same strategy. What is barely fast enough for some, is often too fast for other firms. How your firm proceeds with its own strategy will determine what role your firm will play in the Global financial markets. Affirmed Systems will insure your strategy and platform is a leader now and will be so for years to come. We will future proof your network with a attainable road map for the next 5 years - where do we need to be as technology improves? What is practical now and in the future? Where should I invest time and resources to continue to improve our performance and returns? What technologies work, and which ones don't?

What is your approach?   Affirmed Systems will review your existing technology plan and map important goals and timelines to realistic and achievable milestones. We will analyze your firms markets and bring our experience in seizing trading opportunties to you, allowing your firm to make an educated decision on how technology can best serve your strategy. Our most important goal will always be to keep you fully informed on where your firm stands relative to the market and to give you the tools to be competitive.


  • Count on our experience

  • Design early and avoid issues later

  • Be prepared for today and tomorrow

  • Reduce latency and elimate variable delay

  • Gain consistent results that can be monitored

  • Embrace and adopt best practices

  • Optimize off the shelf produts and code bases

About Ultra-Low Latency Design Services

Affirmed Systems designs and builds Ultra-Low Latency platforms used for real-time market access, scientific and medical research and other high performance computing environments. Our team applies our proven best practices to your network to insure results match your expectations for ultra-low latency and access.

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