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Trading Solutions: Real-time systems

Real-time Systems

Boost efficiency and speed to execute

Design for speed   Affirmed Systems is experienced in deploying real-time operating systems on specialized hardware designs that are built for ultra-low latency environments. From kernel tuning and developing custom drivers to optimizing threading and sockets across different platforms - Affirmed Systems has the formula to put your trading systems into overdrive.

Follow the data end-to-end   Affirmed Systems is the leader in understanding trading protocol mechanics and how those protocols move across a technology infrastructure. We have a vast understanding in what drives data flow performance, how systems work under the load of unexpected market events and how to insure system performance in any market. Starting from the application, through the processor, out to the network, to the liquidity venues and back - Affirmed Systems keeps our parnters running smooth and trading a few steps ahead of the market.

Smash through performance ceilings   As the markets get more liquid and trading volumes increase, there is an ever increasing load on the trading infrastructure. Affirmed Systems understands these forces and how to mitigate risk of performance ceilings that may keep your firm out of the market during key trading periods. Avoid these limits by designing real-time systems that break through ceilings in any market.


  • Identify and isolate bottlenecks

  • Delegate ownership of issues and resolve them

  • Understand protocol mechanics

  • Follow data end to end

  • Bring performance to the table

  • Smash through ceilings caused by increased demands

  • Design for change, before your markets change

About Real-time Systems

Affirmed Systems builds Real-time Systems with performance assured by zero-contention infrastructures tailored to your specific requirements. We design performance into your environment using our best practices for ultra-low latency and real-time response.

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