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Trading Solutions: Private Cloud

Highest performance virtualized systems

Does your cloud guarantee wire-speed performance?

Define your Cloud strategy   Many firms claim they have a reliable cloud infrastructure - but only one builds Private Cloud systems that meet or exceed the quality and performance of physical systems. A well defined Cloud strategy transforms business challenges such as anywhere access and disaster recovery into features of a enterprise grade product. The Affirmed Systems Private Cloud offering utilizes vmware vsphere 5, 10Gbps and Infiband wire-speed storage, integrated solutions for disaster recovery, alternate hosting facility redundancy and managed services. Make your Cloud strategy a business enabling utility with the highest possible computing performance.

Cloud Migration Strategy   Affirmed Systems Private Cloud allows companies to both launch new platforms or migrate existing infrastructures to our Private Cloud. Our customers often increase the performance seen in previous physical system deployments. Our Private Cloud infrastructures connect directly to market exchanges, Alternative Trading Systems (ATS), liquidity venues - without the expense of maintaining an entire physical datacenter. We also migrate existing "thick" platforms into dedicated private cloud systems with a guaranteed performance SLA, covering system, network and storage performance. Migration to the cloud has never been easier.

What else can your Private Cloud do?   Affirmed Systems recommends testing existing applications and algos on our Private Cloud well in advance of live trading and order routing. In additional to providing a "burn in" period to insure performance with virtualized processors and systems, Affirmed Systems will work to better understand the specific needs. Using this data, we will create a custom monitoring, virtual system faireness strategy and other dash boards to help you understand how your cloud is running.


  • Map existing business challenges to a Private Cloud

  • Reduce complexity and Time to Launch for features

  • Define your Cloud Migration strategy

  • Enable features that solve entire projects

  • Reduce technology footprint and simplify infrastructure

  • Become savvy Cloud Customer

  • Launch entire strategies on Dedicated Cloud Systems

About Private Cloud

Affirmed Systems offers Private Cloud systems with dedicated real-time performance assured by zero-contention infrastructures tailored in our facilities to your specific requirements. Affirmed Systems does not recommend nor provide "public cloud" systems where wire-speed performance can not be guaranteed for any individual customer.

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