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Low-Latency Market Access

Direct access to today's leading venues.

Our facilites are at the Exchanges

Connect securely   As a facililites service provider, Affirmed Systems is dedicated to offering the Lowest Latency connectivity options to our customers. We enable customers to develop affordable connectivity strategies utilizing direct market access, custom order routing and ATS access. In a neutral, non-disclosed fashion our team will insure you have private, secure access to markets with little to no turn-up time.

The Race to Hero!   Can Affirmed Systems get me connected quickly? Absolutely. Using our extensive knowledge of fiber optic routes between different venues, we can always locate and secure affordable, rapid access to enable your strategy .

Managed connection to Liquidity   When you choose Affirmed Systems to host and manage your datacenter, you're not just buying space. Affirmed Systems has the expetise necessary to insure you are always connected to different venues effectively, with real-time monitoring and alerting. Established firms and startup's alike need assurance their online at all times, ready to participate in the market. That's the guarantee we deliver.


  • Facilities provider model

  • Develop winning connectivity strategies

  • Connect quickly without delays

  • Managed monitoring of connectivity

  • Reach different asset classes

  • Tiered connectivity options

  • High availability guarantee

About Dacenter Hosting

Affirmed Systems customers rely on our ability to establish and maintain real-time Low-Latency access to the exchanges, pools and liquidity venues necessary to execute their trading strategy. Affirmed Systems maintains centralized access platforms in tier 1 trading facilities in New York, New Jersey and Illinois.

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