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Ultra-Low Latency Bare metal and virtual hosting Platform

Built using SuperMicro, Arista, SolarFlare and vmware with DirectPath I/O passthrough.

Ultra-Low Latency Hosting Platform   CLOUD ASSURE™ is the first cloud hosting platform in the world that is custom built for ultra-low latency, zero jitter and high performance. Our platform is built from the ground up - stripping out all latency and running linux and windows virtual machines very "close to the metal". Customers are up and running in minutes and can bring dedicated cross connects into their bare metal or virtualized environment to insure complete isolation and broker neutrality.

Cloud based financial trading and adtech hosting   Affirmed Systems CLOUD ASSURE™ is custom built for high frequency, algorithmic and event based traders. We manage real-time access from our cloud to your markets, exchanges, brokers and data feeds. Due to the Ultra-Low latency speed and low latency, jitter-free connectivity to the internet, adtech and real-time display advertising clients are also big users on our hosting platform.

CLOUD ASSURE™ hosting next steps   The Affirmed Systems team will work with your engineers, traders, market strategy team and stakeholders to design, develop and implement a near-zero latency hosting platform. Our team is fully versed and able to exploit the latest hardware innovations from our vendors. We start with the performance capabilities of current HFT and Financial exchanges to configure our low latency, extremely high throughput bare metal and virtualized cloud hosting systems. We live and breath the critical parts - CPU cache eviction, QPI link saturation, pcie 3.0 bus speeds, CPU and DDR4 overclocking, low latency in memory access to processor threads, tick to wire messaging rates, host to host latency, Solarflare OpenOnload and more. A recent test of our cloud between 2 bare metal servers yielded wire to wire latency speeds of 2.7us (microseconds). We also have other bare metal cloud hosting systems capable of even lower latency where required - down to 200ns (nanoseconds). Some of hosting systems configurations we make public, some we never make public and they remain a competitive edge for our customers.



  • CLOUD ASSURE™ is the ultra-low latency cloud hosting platform

  • Our platform is designed to host customers at critical facilities for ultra-low latency trading, adtech display and other real-time industries.

  • We understand and can conquer the origin of latency in complex bare metal and virtual systems

  • Our cloud is used today by Ultra-low latency trading firms, quants, and engineers

  • We build custom systems and optimized the hosting environment

  • CLOUD ASSURE™ is the world's first ultra-low latency, zero-jitter hosting platform


Affirmed Systems CLOUD ASSURE™ is bare metal and virtual hosting. We provide dedicated real-time performance assured by our zero-contention infrastructure in facilities critical to financial trading and the adtech display market. Affirmed Systems does not recommend or provide "public cloud" systems where zero-jitter and wire-speed performance cannot be guaranteed by our latency service level agreement (SLA).

Please forward all service related questions to our sales team.
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