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What makes your offering different?

Insured performance   Affirmed Systems reduces time to deploy, total cost and many other risks to a business seeking datacenter hosting. Our team works to assess your current and future growth requirements so you get a "right-sized" approach, while considering both the physical and technical requirements to your environment. When your environment is up and running, we insure performance through customized tools and systems we utilize to insure uptime and response to events.

Deploy the perfect solution   No business owner today should be unprepared to answer "What is your company's cloud strategy?". Yet many cloud providers are simply not "enterprise grade", have variable performance and present near insurmountable technical challenges to even experts before they can be trusted to host mission critical applications. Affirmed Systems will help you identify and deploy the perfect solution for your business as a fair advisor who also offers our own datacenter facilities.

Who is your typical customer?   Affirmed Systems hosts and manages technology systems for many different industries - however our focus has always been on financial trading firms. We understand the real-time, zero downtime aspect of their business so well and its the core of our existence - that this level of service has enabled us to deliver great results in many other industries. All of customers share this in common - unwaiving support and value.


  • Affirmed Systems at Tier 1 facilities

  • Reduct time to deploy and costs

  • Only recommend "right-sized" solutions

  • Solidify your business's Cloud Strategy

  • Focus on financial trading firms

  • Facilities built to provide best services

  • Integrated Disaster Recovery solutions

About Dacenter Hosting

Affirmed Systems provides centralized datacenter and hosting facilities in New York and Chicago that offer real-time managed services and 24 x 7 customized services. Our customers rely on our experience and unique knowledge of the hosting industry to achieve the best results with value.

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